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Executive Director's Message

ceo photo

Executive Director’s Message

Research Center for State-Owned Entities conducts research and analysis on the government’s overall public policy in managing Public Institutions, designated on the basis of The Act on the Management of Public Institutions.

The main areas of research include the corporate governance, wage analysis, financial risk management, human resources management, functional overhaul, performance evaluation, disclosure management information, management innovation, and others.

Going forward, the Research Center for State-Owned Entities hereby commits itself to helping public institutions to fulfill their pledge to the national economic development and social responsibilities by providing professional and scientific studies. I look forward to developing this web platform into an open forum for public policy on the public institutions, whereby the research outcomes of the Center are shared with the public.

Executive Director
Youngjae Ra

Thank you for visiting this website.

There are more than 285 State-Owned Entities (SOEs) in Korea which are categorized into public corporations, quasi-government organizations, and other public institutions.

The total employment by the SOEs is about 246 thousand, and their total volume of the budget reaches 464 trillion won, twice as much as the size of the national budget as of 2010.

Since the performance of SOEs is critical to Korean economy, Korea has maintained one of the most sophisticated and integrated management systems for SOEs. To support and improve the government policy for SOEs, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance has established the Research Center for SOEs in 2009.

The research scope covers internal and external governance structure, financial issues, public utility rates, evaluation methods, employment structure etc. The Center, as a hub of research on SOEs in Korea, will actively cooperate with the international community to learn and share the knowledge and experience on State-Owned Entities.

Executive Director
Jin Park